Kids Club

Kids Club

Add a new dimension of fun to your kids' leisure time by signing them up for the Kids Club, where they will enjoy movies, arcade-style games and rides, Play Station 3 challenges, and a variety of other exciting entertainments. They'll meet new friends, learn new skills, and have the time of their lives. Private birthday party bookings and face painting are always a hit.

Keeping the kids happy and entertained while on vacation is a number one priority if all the adults present also wish to enjoy a fun, relaxing break. It’s for this very reason that the Kids Club at JW Marriott Hotel Cairo was created!

At the Kids Club, your kids will have easy access to a wide range of fun and educational activities guaranteed to keep them busy and entertained.

They can watch movies, play on the rides, test their skills on the Play Station 3, learn some new dance moves, or let their imaginations take flight with the new Lego sets available.

Now situated in a bigger, brighter and more exciting venue next to The Beach, the newly refurbished Kids Club is the perfect place for your kids to hang out and make new friends while you enjoy a relaxing, guilt-free vacation.


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Have you ever dreamed of hosting a spectacular kids birthday party… but then quickly abandoned the idea because merely thinking about all the stress, mess, and finer details involved became too overwhelming?

If your event planning dreams have stalled due to a lack of time – or grim thoughts of a lengthy post party clean up – then look no further than the Kids Club birthday packages at JW Marriott Hotel Cairo.

These packages combine everything you’ll need to make your gathering a success, including fun games and activities, tempting party foods, colorful decorations, and a visually appealing setting.

Hosting a birthday party at the Kids Club will not only transform your dream event into a vivid reality without complications or unnecessary fuss – it will Also ensure that you get the chance to relax and enjoy the festivities as well!